Saturday, August 12, 2006

New Rocker...

Anyone who knows me knows that I couldn't go on my Salt Lake Trip without making a purchase for Lauren's nursery. Lisa W. took us to a totally adorable consignment shop near her house called Home Again that was jam packed full of the coolest furniture pieces and accessories. Julie and I wished we could pack up the whole store and bring it home with us.

The owner's dog was serving as greeter that day and was following us around while we shopped...he was a basset hound with the sweetest and saddest looking face and big droopy ears. If you ask me, he has a pretty good gig getting petted all day by dog lovers like me.

I spotted this cute little periwinkle shaker style rocking chair. I didn't buy it that morning, but thought about it all day. After some coaxing from Lisa S. and Julie (my bad influences) we went back that afternoon and I picked it up, with no worries about how I was getting it on the plane.

We tried packing it at Lisa's house so I could check it as baggage on my flight, but we ended up at the local UPS store having it shipped instead.

The box just came yesterday and now that I see it again, I'm really glad I got it. It will make a really cute addition to Lauren's room...don't you think?