Monday, February 27, 2006

Which colors to use...

Ok, the wall border is going halfway down on the wall, like a chair rail, and we're using pink on top and purple/violet on the bottom. What I can't decide for sure is whether to go with the lighter or deeper version of the colors.

Here's the lighter version...the colors are Sweety Pie and Purplicious.

And the deeper version is Nana's Rose and Violet Twist. The rose is exactly the same color as the pink stripe in the top of the border and the violet is pretty much exactly the color of the crayon-like outline of the daisies.

Typically, I go with the richer, deeper colors, but I'm questioning myself on this since it's a nursery and I wonder if it should be lighter. The furniture will be white and you can see some of the other items I have in my previous posts.

I'd love to hear everyone's opinion on this...for some reason, I'm a little stuck.