Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Closet system installed!

Joe installed a shelving system in Lauren's closet this past weekend. He actually said it was really easy. I think the hardest and most frustrating part was getting our sliding closet doors off the sliders and out of the way. Once they were off, the rest was just measuring, leveling and drilling.

We used the Closetmaid ShelfTrack system.

First you install the top rail, then the down rods are evenly spaced attached to the top rail and drilled in place.

Then you can install the shelving anywhere along the downrails, which makes the system super flexible.

Now I have my original hanging rod all the way across, plus a new hang rod half way across. I stopped into Target and got the organizing bins. Between the back to college stuff and the baby stuff, they had some really great items that fit perfectly.

The purple bins on the bottom are actually two stacked rolling bins. I figured they would be perfect for small toy storage. We can just roll them in and out.

Inspired by these size dividers from One Step Ahead....

I made my own using foam door knob hangers I got at Michael's craft store.

They're not the same thing, but definitely serve the same purpose and seem to work really well. It sure makes it easier to see what you have when everything is grouped by size.